Johnny & Laura Bedingfield

Our why started out with a little boy named Brayden. I was chasing my childhood dream on the track when God intervened for a much bigger purpose. You see, God works in mysterious ways and raising money for families with pediatric emergencies would soon become our mission. We could write a book about two special little kids (Brayden and Mia) and their place in our hearts that lead to the creation of this wonderful organization. I’m not sure if they will ever know the impact that they will have in this community forever but we can tell you 

“We’re just getting started”.

Mike & Korina Sparks

On August 8, 2016 we had our world turned upside down. We were told that our daughter, Mia Sparks, was officially fighting for her life. Fluid was surrounding her heart, causing an unhealthy increase in her heart rate. Fast forward 72 hours, two helicopter rides, three different hospitals, multiple surgeries and a biopsy later, Mia was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her heart. From August 8th to December 10th we lived away from home, fighting everyday for our daughter’s life and well-being.
Situations like these are all too common today and families are uprooted in the blink of an eye, with no planning or resources in place. After successful open-heart surgery, Mia was given a clean bill of health and we decided that we need to do more to help families in similar situations as we were in. We are intimately tied to this cause and dedicated to providing as much help for families and children going through similar pediatric emergencies.

Melinda Clemmer

My passion with Nobody Fights Alone started by seeing this little blond haired girl be diagnosed with cancer! As a mom of a girl, it tugged at my heart, I felt compelled to do something to help. My goal was pay one of their house payments, I didn’t know them, their situation, anything. A few of us girls got together and did a bunco night, and started rallying for donations for a raffle at the Shoot for a Change Fundraiser. They were already raising money for the Small Miracles Foundation, so it was fitting to tag along. Before we knew it we had raised over $5000 to give to the Sparks Family and could not believe our success! Since that day on Facebook when I saw Mia’s little face, I have loved her. I’m am excited to join forces and see what we can do as a team!

Brad Newburg

"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." - (Galatians 6:2). God did not make us to carry our burdens alone, yet rather; he created us for community, to love others above ourselves, and to help others in times of need. In the past few years, prior to the creation of this foundation, our family started to experience some of those closest to us being affected by pediatric medical emergencies. I saw first hand the toll it took, not just on the child, but also on the entire family unit. I have also seen the power of love as a community responded in those times of need, the strength and comfort it gave to those families facing emergencies. That is when the idea of starting the Nobody Fights Alone Foundation came about I was all in! Not only for what it has done for those I love, but for what it will continue to do for so many others. Not only financially supporting, but sharing love, prayer, and support in times of need to help. Relieving some of the burdens pediatric medical emergencies is our cause, because no family should ever carry those burdens alone.

Brenda Eidenshink

I'm a wife, and mom to 3 amazing kids. My middle child, Brayden was born with a congenital heart defect, and later developed pulmonary hypertension. He required multiple heart surgeries; countless hospital stays, ultimately needing a heart transplant. The only hospital that would accept his case was 5 hours away from home. His care then required me to stop working to care for him 24/7, medical bill's started adding up, and added to the stress load of caring for my child that was terminally ill. We did not qualify for any program out there. Nobody Fights Alone Foundation saved us financially, they jumped in and fundraised, donated to us. This gracious donation allowed us to keep our home and vehicles; we were able to pay for his prescriptions that were $1200 a month.
Fast forward to a few years, my son was fighting for his life after a heart transplant and Nobody Fights Alone Foundation once again came in and relieved some stress and worry financially. My son Brayden did pass away 11/7/18. I'm now here to help other families, like mine, and keep his memory alive. I feel so honored to be part of this foundation. We are just getting started. -Brayden's mom

Josh Wolford