Nobody Fights Alone is dedicated to support and impact the lives of families affected by sudden pediatric emergencies.

Organizational Core Values
1. Selflessness - it's all about the families
2. Servanthood - it’s all for the families
3. Love - it’s all from our hearts

Mission Statement

Our goal is simple, support and impact families. Sudden medical emergencies can be incredibly taxing both emotionally and financially. We aim to help alleviate one of the many stress points families will face. We do not put restrictions on where our donations can be used. Families are never prepared for such events and can often times find themselves out of there home town or even state in a short amount of time. We want families to have the leisure to use our donations towards whatever financial burdens they encounter during their journey to stability. Expenses like medical costs, travel, living accommodations and even common bills back at home can pile up. We strive to allow families to stay singularly focused on what’s really important, their child.